Widow Maker

Some guys settle.  Their performance transmissions lack steroids.  Not you.  Your custom unit is full-speed, full-force, and full of fast adventure.  The custom, Widowmaker performance transmission drives your race winner ahead of soft, wanna-be transmissions.

Widowmaker Performance Transmission Features

  • Raybestos unparalleled “blue-plate” clutch technology
  • The high pressure output T.V. valve (77966-94MK)
  • High performance special 1-2 accumulator valve
  • Brand new stator support shaft
  • 5-Pinion front and rear planets
  • Extreme Duty/ Torque Drive Input Drum (this hardened input shaft and drum assembly, plus a hardened reaction shell and bearing)
  • New replacement hardened “output” shaft
  • Cast-aluminum pan (shallow, deep or two-level)
  • High Stall- High performance torque converter options available

Contact Russ Moore Performance Transmissions today for Widowmaker- Do or Die custom, performance transmissions. Click here to download a copy of this information.