Wholesale Remanufactured Transmissions

Buy and install your own Russ Moore remanufactured transmission:
   Transmssion Remanufacturing Inspection
Buy quality exchange reman transmissions off-the-shelf as a commercial customer or multiple rebuilt transmission purchaser.  Russ Moore’s gigantic stock of exchanged manufactured transmissions meets superior standards.  If you’re an automotive engine connoisseur, demand Russ Moore’s expertise in exchanged reman transmissions! Click here for a news article on what is a Russ Moore remanufactured transmission.

The Russ Moore Exchange Reman Transmission Difference:
Availability & Prompt Delivery Service
Russ Moore is Indiana’s rebuilt transmission warehouse! We carry remanufactured transmissions and remanufactured transmission parts in stock. Eliminate worries with our same day, next day Indiana reman transmission delivery, including Michigan and Ohio too.

Built and dynamometer tested to superior specifications, Russ Moore’s remanufactured transmission quality is unsurpassed.

Customer Service & Support
Russ Moore’s transmission specialists possess the skills to answer your toughest technical questions! and we specialize in same-day and next-day delivery.

The Moore Protection Warranty covers 36 months or 75,000 miles on all exchanged manufactured highway transmissions and a strong 12-month and unlimited miles for off-highway, commercial & agricultural applications. Much better than a Used Transmission from a Junk Yard!!

Contact Russ Moore today at (866) 483-0027 for expert quality, remanufactured transmissions!