Take No Prisoners

Capture young hearts and drive past the “Joneses” with Russ Moore’s, hot Roadwarrior performance transmission.  Even the guy with the manicured lawn gawks at your vehicle’s performance transmission muscle.

Roadwarrior Performance Transmission Features:

  • “Blue-Print” pump
  • “The Beast” shell (that is three-times thicker than the factory standard)
  • Raybesto’s legendary “Z-Pak” technology for the 3-4 clutch pack
  • Tuned with a Russ Moore shift-package
  • Super-duty 4th servo, heavy duty forward & low sprag assemblies
  • All clutches and steels are brand new throughout the unit, along with brand new high temperature sealing rings, bushings, and gaskets
  • A higher than standard “stall” torque converter
  • Roadwarrior comes in over-drive, too, for better highway drivability & much improved fuel economy
  • Two series of Roadwarrior (typically Series-1 fits up to & including most 350 applications and Series-2 Roadwarriors take over with higher torque curve & big-block engines)

Roadwarrior Performance Packages & Options:

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