Russ Moore Performance Transmissions Ironhorse Roadwarrior Widowmaker
Performance Transmissions
Ironhorse- Tough Shifts 24/7
Hauling 24/7 deserves respect.  Treat yourself to a heavy-duty, Russ Moore Ironhorse performance transmission.  Whether you’re hauling the family boat or working on the jobsite, Russ Moore’s Ironhorse performance transmissions work tough like you.

Roadwarrior- Take No Prisoners

She winks and feels his engine’s performance- the best ride of her life. Russ Moore’s Roadwarrior performance transmission leaves wimpy transmissions to cower.  Capture young hearts and take no prisoners as you race your Roadwarrior performance transmission into the sunset. 

Widowmaker- Do or Die

Alone on the track, Widowmaker stokes the throttle releasing steroids in custom, performance speed.  He demands superior results from a performance transmission as he does his custom engine.  Russ Moore custom performance transmissions are for those who check the rearview mirror to see who doesn’t matter.

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