What is in a Reman, Rebuilt or Repaired Transmission?
There are generally excepted industry terms that auto service, dealer, repair shops and garages use to describe what they are going to do when they work on your transmission.  Also, all too often more unscrupulous shops and business's will miss-represent a lower quality repair with a higher quality label, so we would like to help you understand what is being discussed, so you can make your own informed decision. No matter what a shop calls the transmission service work they are quoting you, ask about the level of workmanship being conducted and gauge that against these industry recognized standards:

A repaired transmission is usually taken apart and any broken part is replaced, and any damaged or one time use seals & gaskets are replaced. It’s reassembled and installed back in the vehicle it came from, with out being tested prior to being reinstalled.

A rebuilt transmission is usually disassembled to perhaps 80%+ of its internal components, anything broken or damaged is replaced, often with other good used components. The standards call for an “overhaul” kit that will include all the parts to replace most major seals, gaskets and wear items. If it usually up to the individual rebuild technician to determine what is replaced and how the unit is reassembled.

A remanufactured transmission completes the most intense of all three types of workmanship. It is 100% disassembled, it undergoes the most thorough cleaning process, inspection and testing, all worn parts are replaced, my updates and new OEM parts will be included and the re-assembly is conducted under strict factory standards that everyone involved follows. Ultimately to be called a remanufactured transmission it needs to be tested prior to ever being installed in a vehicle (click here for more information on remanufactured transmissions).

So as you can see, there are clear differences in what you would be buying and it is not uncommon for companies to incorrectly label their transmission service work. It’s a buyer-be-where situation, so we urge everyone to ask the appropriate questions and match the answers up to the recognized standards shown above. Of course you can always contact a trusted Russ Moore Service Manager to discuss this and much more, please contact us on (800) 545-9658 or directly by clicking here.


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