Transmission Problems - Do I need a New Transmission
The call to our service center starts with a concerned customer with a broken down vehicle "Just tell me what's the worst case for a new transmission for my........?"
Our experienced Service Managers will always respond, "Well we need to perform our Moore-Tek Vehicle Evaluation to make sure what problems your vehicle has, find out what failed and also locate the cause of those failures, so when can I schedule you in for an appointment to perform this evaluation?”.

“Well can’t you just tell me what its going to cost me; you know worse case, if I need a new transmission.........?”

At this point our Service Manager has two options, they can answer the question directly “What is going to be my worst case”; which will include all of the systems, parts and causes for most of today’s transmission failures………..

“OK Sir/Madam, well with out performing an evaluation, we would have to estimate using a remanufactured exchange transmission, which for your vehicle costs $1700, then we will have $500 in labor, $400 for a new vehicle computer processor, $150 reprogramming cost, three new external electronic control sensors $350 in parts and another $100 in labor, now we will add in the cost for two drive axles at $150 each (there are two required), plus an additional $50 in installation labor and rewiring the external electrical harness which can certainly run $100 in parts along with at least $600 in labor.  Then we have oil, fluids and miscellaneous charges for an additional $50.”

“Let me total this up for you quickly, we have $2,900 in parts and an additional $1,400 in our technicians labor, oh and then of course sales tax of $203 on top of that, so you would be looking at a grand total of $4,503”

However, our highly skilled Service Managers and Diagnosticians know that this is not the repairs your vehicle is going to need.  They will always let you know that the answer to your question lies in finding out what your vehicle really needs and the only way to do this, is to perform a vehicle system evaluation and often times complete a more thorough diagnosis of what systems are working or not in the vehicle.

They will be able to initially offer you a free Moore-Tek Vehicle Evaluation, this often times answers the standard questions of what is working correctly on your vehicle and what systems are malfunctioning. Then if the cause of a failure is from an electronic system problem, more diagnosis will be required. There is a charge for this, depending on the depth of the diagnosis and systems being analyzed, of course the Service Manager will discuss this with you prior to any work being started.

It is KEY to remember that on today’s computer controlled vehicles, transmissions mainly fail for different reasons than what actually has broken. If you only repair what is broken and don’t find the root-cause, often hidden in the electronic systems of the vehicle, then the failure will keep reoccurring, often times long after the initial repairs have been completed.

“OK Sir/Madam, when we get to complete our Moore-Tek Vehicle Evaluation, we find that 2/3 of our customers don’t need a new transmission with our accurate diagnosis. We just recently evaluated a customers 2000 Plymouth Voyager mini-van that had been previously worked on having many parts replaced, all with out any prior diagnosis work. Our highly skilled Technician completed his free Moore-Tek evaluation and accurately diagnosed and replaced two vehicle speed sensors for a parts and labor total of $225”….
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