Do I need a new transmission?

Well to begin with, there are no "new" transmissions available for any used car or truck, there are only salvaged, repaired, rebuilt or remanufactured transmissions available to fix your vehicle with.  Of course any of these options are going to be "new" to you and your vehicle and the KEY is to find out what do you actually need.  So the process starts with "What’s wrong with your vehicle?" and at Russ Moore that means that you will be teamed with a very experienced Service Manager and a highly-skilled diagnostic technician to start the process of figuring out what’s wrong with your vehicle. 

The ASE certified technicians will perform our Moore-Tek evaluation, which is a thorough computerized scan of your vehicles computer system. We use OE factory compatible scanning equipment, often on a test drive and always our internet based information system to look for the most recent factory issued bulletins and recommended updates. This initial evaluation is free-of-charge and usually covers most vehicles standard problems, however if we need to continue the diagnosis and start to isolate the failure and its cause further, then our Diagnostic Technicians have a huge array of very specific tests and troubleshooting information available to accurately pinpoint the vehicles problem (there will be standard charges for these specific tests).

Once all of the evaluation has been completed (often only 20 minutes) our Service Manager will then present you with the actual repairs required to fix your vehicle, this will often include a couple of options, of a specific component to be replaced, some factory recommended updates to help prevent the failure from occurring again and a Moore-Protection warranty program option.

You may need a “new” transmission for your vehicle, although nobody can actually fit a new transmission, there are actually many options for you to consider and only a Russ Moore Service Manager is trained to help you understand and make the right decision for your vehicle. Remember, once we have completed our vehicle evaluation, 2/3rd’s of our customers don’t actually need a “New” transmission.

So call today and ask for a Russ Moore Service Manager to get the job done right, the first time (800) 545-9658. (Click here for more contact information)

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