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Popular Transmission Dimensions & Gear Ratios
Popular performance transmission over all dimensions & their gear ratio's for the Hot Rod Enthusiast

Why do I need a Lock-Up Converter
The torque converter can be the greatest source of heat in an automatic transmission, if your a Hot Rod Enthusiast this is important information for you to consider.

Transmission Problems - Do I need a New Transmission
Do you instantly worry when you have a transmission problem that its going to be the most expensive vehicle repair you can imagine, well here at Russ Moore you have a friend in the transmission business. We know that you have a problem & we will work to find the least costly & best quality repair to get you back on the road, where you can worry no more......Here's how it will go at Russ Moore....

Diagnosing Automatic Transmission Problems
Diagnosing todays Automatic Transmission Problems can be one of the toughest things a car owner can do these days, it really is hard to know if what your experiencing is a problem with the transmission, engine, driveline, vehicle computers just to start with. Here is a great article that tries to help a the vehicles driver decide what might be wrong with their car.

Video on Automatic Transmission & How it Works!
Ever wondered how an automatic transmission works - check out this video on how an automatic transmission is made and what makes it work. This is a great video to help understand the internal workings of an automatic transmission.

Video on Torque Converter & How it Works!
Ever wondered how an automatic transmission's torque converter works - check out this video on how a torque converter is made and what makes it work. This is a great video to help understand the internal workings of a torque converter.

What is in a Reman, Rebuilt or Repaired Transmission?
Within the automotive service repair industry, many people will talk about your options for the type of transmission service work you can have performed, so what do they all mean.

Do I need a new transmission?
This is probabily the number one question that we get asked by our customers. "Do I need a new transmission?" & "How much for a new transmission?" But long before that question can be answered there are a few decisions to make.....

What is the history of the automatic transmission?
"Time Travel" - a brief history of the automatic transmission for the automobile industry.

Do you handle extended warranty & insurance policies?
Many new & used cars are sold today with either an extended warranty, longer term service plan or a third party insurance policy on vehicle defects & mechanical breakdowns. We at Russ Moore work with all the major policies and warranty companies(& some smaller companies too).

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