The Moore Protection Warranty Plan Wholesale/Commercial Overview
Russ Moore Transmission Specialists provide the strongest “FREE” warranty on any remanufactured transmission sold in the USA & Canada! All Russ Moore remanufactured transmissions come with a standard 36-month, 75,000 mile warranty on parts and labor for highway vehicles, and 1-year unlimited mile warranty on parts and labor for commercial, agricultural, and off-road vehicles. Now that’s peace of mind!

Superior Quality
High Quality Dyno Tested TransmssionsRuss Moore builds, tests, and expects superior transmission standards.  We’re confident in the superior quality of our remanufactured products.  Our warranty is backed up by all the remanufacturing specifications and dynamometer testing that each unit undergoes.

How it works
Should you have a problem with our remanufactured transmission anytime within the warranty period, simply contact your authorised Russ Moore installer shop, where you had the work performed.  They will quickly help to diagnose the problem while working with the Russ Moore Remanufactured Transmission technical sales & service and we will fix or repair the problem promptly. 

Should you need to talk to the Russ Moore Remanufactured Transmissions technical sales & support, Call (866) 483-0027 or after hours at (260) 496-9998, and we’ll get you back on the road as soon as possible – whether you’re traveling locally or nationwide!

Learn more
Contact Russ Moore Transmission today at (866) 483-0027 Wholesale Sales Division for more information.