Apprenticeship with Russ Moore Transmission Experts:
Russ Moore Transmission leads the automotive industry in remanufactured transmissions, while recruiting the very best talent.

Russ Moore Transmission Apprenticeship Programs:

(1) Automotive Master Technician Apprenticeship
(2) Transmission Rebuilder Journeyman Apprenticeship

Russ Moore teams with Indiana vocational school programs and cooperative education programs to offer career development to talented technicians and budding car enthusiasts, including Anthis Career Centers AYES program & county ICE programs.
Russ Moore Transmission Specialist and Co-Op / Intern Program Benefits:

• Hands on training provided by veteran industry professionals; each student spends at least 80% of their time working on an active job (not just practicing).
• Access to all Russ Moore equipment, training materials and resources.
• Starting pay for 1st semester $8.00/hr (typically 20 hours per week during school and 40 hours per week available during school holidays).
• Pay increase for 2nd semester $8.50/hr.
• Company provided uniform, employee purchase program for low cost parts and automotive accessories.
• AYES Only: company offers a 2/3rd matching Snap-On tools and cabinet program to participants.

AYES Specific Program Objectives:
After the successful completion of an AYES co-operative intern at Russ Moore, a student can expect to be offered a full time position and enrollment in a Russ Moore Apprenticeship Program.  The length of the journeyman apprenticeship depends on which program is selected and also the student’s ability to master each phase of the program.

Apprenticeship Program Benefits:
As a full-time apprentice at Russ Moore, enjoy six paid holidays per year, medical health, and vision insurance, life insurance, paid vacations, bonuses, discounts, paid training, and paid tuition & books (through our reimbursement program) for an IVY-Tech Automotive Associates Degree.

Contact Russ Moore Transmission
 at (800) 545-9658  for more information about apprenticeships or send your resume to